30 august 2010

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wedding weekend on sapelo island, georgia. iconic south: live oaks / spanish moss / reynold’s mansion / biking to swim in warm atlantic water.

27 august 2010

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portland, MAINE! bike + coffee. reunited with friends, and also with microbrews, baked goods as i know them, tacos, salted caramel ice cream, and trampolines.

24 august 2010

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first post of the first bike series (and following the schwinn sequence). a schwinn black phantom. send me photos of your first bike!

22 august 2010

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the schwinndy city! i have been in chicago the past few days and there are very cool bikes, particularly schwinn bikes, *everywhere*. while helping my sister gather life bits for a new apartment, i have kept myself very entertained snapping shots of my bike’s brethren. no sportabout sightings, but i did note a traveler, a varsity, a racer, a super le tour, a prelude, and a sprint.

schwinn has a long history in the u.s.a., with a start in chicago in 1895.

19 august 2010 #3

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picnic perfect. really, could anything look better?

19 august 2010 #2

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stunning! i can hardly stand how amazing this bike is. i definitely cannot stand how amazing the person riding it around is. lucky seattle! photos courtesy of: http://boxerbicycles.com/ (thank you)

19 august 2010 #1

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friends respond with bike pics! first up: mysteriously safe. don’t let the dark & grainy photo deceive you, i have seen the true amount of reflective tape on this bike (which would make any bike commuter swoon).

15 august 2010

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one, two, three, tagged! so far there has been major lack of cruisers in this log of noted bikes. crazy, because i really like cruisers. all colors. all cruisers that made me smile this week are represented, but on this sunny afternoon the last one was particularly smile-worthy and ended up with a tag.

7 august 2010 #3

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in this busy area, i wonder what to do if caught tagging (literally: tying a homemade tag) on the noticed bike… awkward interaction vs. meeting nice person? after curbside gelato, encouraging friends and i found this blue beauty also enjoying the sun — nice color, nice lines.

7 august 2010 #2

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simple. and lovely. ring, ding, ding! found on a sidestreet while exploring a new neighborhood.

7 august 2010 #1

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concept launch: gold. red. ghost! first day of tagging bikes makes for a good afternoon with visiting friends (very supportive visiting friends).