25 october 2010

19:42 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

this is simply an awesome bike. custom made? regardless, i think it is great… from all angles!

17 oktober 2010

21:08 by me. Filed under: bikes-known

hamburg edition. choice meeting in front of altona museum (“wir sind das altonaer museum!”). thank you to friend of new friend. huge credit for creative burst featured on 1.about page. the boat, containers, fish morning, astra, automats, and destiny. bounce, bounce, …

13 october 2010

19:31 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

fun find on my evening lakeside sportabout.

12 october 2010

11:23 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

a tag, at last! this one caught my attention awhile back, and as i pass it on my way to work it is nice to give this old bike the recognition it deserves.

9 october 2010

10:19 by me. Filed under: bikes-unknown

cambridge/oxford. bikes, and more bikes! no surprise in towns defining “college”. lovely visit to esteemed colleagues, and to oldest friend. most pictures from walking tour of oxford (pub/scotch and tea/scone stops inadequately represented).

14 september 2010

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nuuk, greenland. bike scenes and hike scenes. old town nuuk, river valley near kapisillit, kangia nunata sermia, and staggering fjord-scapes.