25 december 2010

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bikes in the white wilderness! for those following in southern california, i can make a good case that summer in antarctica has been more pleasant than winter in the northern hemisphere. yes, greetings from antarctica! great time. great team. and even a few bikes to be found on the dirt and ice roads of mcmurdo station, but mostly gar-ar-ing around are distinctly non-bike transport — for those less interested in modes of antarctic transport, the bottom snapshots are a better sampling of the experience. merry merry happy happy.

24 december 2010

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my cousin rides bikes – fast! we rode around seattle some years ago before he became so fast and famous. now he talks about his “kit”, and i marvel at the pictures… like this one! let this post be the first in the i could be a racer series. (aside: congratulations newly wedded b+e!)

x november 2010

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backpost feature #2: carrier bikes! not actually sure what these neat front loaders are called, but i think they make a great ride. sturdy classics.

x november 2010

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backpost feature #1: christiania bikes! lovely fall day spent biking in pursuit of these coveted bikes with character. surely more to add, but consider this collage a humble start at the catalogue.