26 march 2011 #3

14:09 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

now this one was really perfect for what i was scouting out. instead of the normal tags, i had a special treat to leave in a basket — and this basket was definitely the one for it! (treat akin to randomness from the automats that dispense bouncy balls and other toys, and i hope it was a fun find!)

26 march 2011 #2

14:04 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

my mind conjured memories of pink bikes i have noted in the past weeks, so the next tag in my bag was ready for one i remembered seeing before… however, the pink on pink hearts struck my romantic side and was tagged!

26 march 2011 #1

13:57 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

brown+blue! how could this not catch my eye on this saturday sportabout… i was waiting to be inspired and here it was.

20 march 2011

12:33 by me. Filed under: bikes-cph

(concept discussion leads friend to instant inspiration) friends and birthday leads to champagne and balcony leads to jazz and dining leads to beer and smoke leads to caviar and crackers leads to bike and photo.

5 march 2011

21:21 by me. Filed under: bikes-unknown

salt lake city, utah. ski utah! what a splendid visit. my dear, welcoming friends, skiing uphill, packaged chicken, old friends, routine cooking/baking/eating, french (+wine), go to the upper hot springs, stout, arches, red rocks, canyoneering: “the innovative may get by with less”. and, neat bike racks all over the city!