31 july 2011 #3

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showcase for new bike tags. looking for cruiser with basket of flowers, and i found something better! thanks to E for stamp support and to typewriter for a quick job well done.

31 july 2011 #2

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folding (folded) bikes are great.

31 july 2011 #1

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juillet 2011

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ou est la rue saint michel? je ne comprende pas. despite language barriers it has been a fantastic frenzy of france/french/family fun. paris to perringnier to provence. of course we have found cheese, baguettes, lavender, wine, and even a frenchman wearing beret+suspenders.

28-29 june 2011

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bornholm bike tour! two days of sunshine and ferries and cycling. beachside camping, roadside stands, smoked herring, rye bread, and some local beer.