update! while the move from copenhagen means a hiatus to the bike-tagging effort, this transient time has renewed the writing effort.
instead of bike pics, i will post written bits (found under WRITING tab).

the original lead in
hi.  welcome!  if you are reading this, it is probably because you found a note on your bike, and now you wonder why there is a picture of your bike here… well, it is really this simple: i like the bike!

there are a lot of bikes in copenhagen.  however, i noticed your bike. i noticed your bike for it’s shininess (or lack of shininess), color, components, simplicity, or absurdity.  i noticed your bike among piles of others, or resting in the park, or waiting outside the store, or staged outside a bar, or standing on a corner.

this effort of noticing bikes doesn’t go much beyond posting a log of them here.  however, comments are appreciated! you also have a way to contact me – contactme@ilikethebike.com.

this (b)log is also a repository for other bits.  and, while biking the streets of copenhagen i have started taking pictures of side-of-building art. and i posted 500-word expositions. and some links. and some baking favorites (cookies). and, …

contactme@ilikethebike.com, or comment!